Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hi from Bob...or "Welcome to my new "blog"
A quick update of coming events.

I hope you all enjoyed the Sesame Street float on the Macy Day Parade on Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day with over 3 million viewers lining the streets, cheering and singing along as we went down the parade route. It doesn't get any better! Fun to see both children, families and New York's fineset police force all having a great time.

The world famous pianist Lang Lang joined our float playing along with all the cast and muppets singing a song called "Songs".

This seems to be a busy "parade season" for me. You might like to tune in on December 6th as I have been invited to be the "Grand Marsall of the 2008 America's Children's Parade" in Oakland, California. It will be broadcast on PBS stations throughout the nation. It begins at 2PM. Last year it was broadcast over 100 times to tens of thousand viewers.

On New Year's day, I will be riding on the "Sesame Street float in the Tournament of Roses Parade" in Pasedena, Ca. Our float will be sponsored once again by NAMM, The International Music Products Association, and will likely be the longest float at over 400 feet in the parade.

We begin taping our 40th season of Sesame Street next month. Hope you will all be looking forward to our new season, as all of us in the cast and Muppets are.

I will give you all a special "wave" from the parades, and if you are in the holiday spirit, be sure to check out my new Christmas CD, "Christmas Sing Along". It is available at most music outlets such as Barnes and Noble, Allegro Media Group, as well as on line at iTunes and Amazon.

Have a great holiday!