Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hi from Bob...or "Welcome to my new "blog"
A quick update of coming events.

I hope you all enjoyed the Sesame Street float on the Macy Day Parade on Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day with over 3 million viewers lining the streets, cheering and singing along as we went down the parade route. It doesn't get any better! Fun to see both children, families and New York's fineset police force all having a great time.

The world famous pianist Lang Lang joined our float playing along with all the cast and muppets singing a song called "Songs".

This seems to be a busy "parade season" for me. You might like to tune in on December 6th as I have been invited to be the "Grand Marsall of the 2008 America's Children's Parade" in Oakland, California. It will be broadcast on PBS stations throughout the nation. It begins at 2PM. Last year it was broadcast over 100 times to tens of thousand viewers.

On New Year's day, I will be riding on the "Sesame Street float in the Tournament of Roses Parade" in Pasedena, Ca. Our float will be sponsored once again by NAMM, The International Music Products Association, and will likely be the longest float at over 400 feet in the parade.

We begin taping our 40th season of Sesame Street next month. Hope you will all be looking forward to our new season, as all of us in the cast and Muppets are.

I will give you all a special "wave" from the parades, and if you are in the holiday spirit, be sure to check out my new Christmas CD, "Christmas Sing Along". It is available at most music outlets such as Barnes and Noble, Allegro Media Group, as well as on line at iTunes and Amazon.

Have a great holiday!



Kathryn said...

Hi Bob!

I love the new format for the website & am so excited to see that you're blogging & youtube-ing (if that's a word), etc. There's so much potential--I can't wait to see what you do with it all.

The parade float was cute--it was great to hear both verses of "Songs"! I mean, where else do you see counterpoint in mainstream pop music any more, besides on Sesame Street?

Do keep us posted on any other appearances / book signings / concerts. :)


Anonymous said...

It's an awesome thing to see that you're still going strong and helping uplift kids. I look forward to seeing more in the future!


melissa said...

Ditto to what littlegreenfriend posted. I think the picture made me happiest of all--it's like seeing a picture of relatives you haven't seen in a while. You all made such a difference in my life and it's so great to see those familiar faces still out there doing it for a new generation of kids.

Pamela said...

Hi Bob,

My daughter, Melissa and I are both big fans. I have lots of wonderful memories sitting with her watching Sesame Street. Even now at 51, I still have many songs and phrases from Sesame Street popping up in my head! Glad to see you have a blog and a place to share the goings on in your life.

Best to you and your family,

John Scott said...

I am wondering where one could get the music, vocal or choral, to the song "Keep Christmas with You." I can't seem to locate it.

Kathryn said...

Hi John Scott,
The sheet music for piano & voice w/guitar chords is in the Sesame Street Songbook, published by Hal Leonard. There are two editions of the book--one with 40 songs & one with 64 songs, but Keep Christmas With You is in both. It's available on the Hal Leonard website and there are plenty of copies on Amazon and ebay. Enjoy! --Kate

bkolman said...

Hi Bob,

I still remember your visit to Lexington and your highly successful concert with my Orchestra. The best part was when you came riding in on an elephant. Even though the program may have been 20 years ago, the children who participated and who are now young adult still remember how very wonderful your singing was. Many thanks and I hope we can work together again real soon.

Happy Holiday,
Barry Kolman
Shenandoah Symphony (aka "Rockbridege Symphony")

David said...

Hi Bob,

Being Christmas time I was reminded of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, one of my favorites as a kid. I grew up with the show in the 70's and used to watch Sesame Street at least once a day during the week. You and the rest of the cast were like friends to me. Thank you for all the memories and making Sesame Street so special.


Jen said...

Hi Bob! I'm so glad you've started this blog. You've always been my favorite Sesame Street character, and I'm looking forward to seeing you next month at the 40th anniversary panel in NJ (my mom and I are making a weekend of it).

As a mom of a toddler myself now, I've been watching 2-3 Sesame Street episodes a day most days, and have yet to see you on TV this season. Will you be appearing anytime soon? I'm having to rely on DVDs for my Bob fix! (esp. my favorite, "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" -- the scene with you and Linda still makes me cry).


BillBuntin said...

Thanks Bob for the many years of great fun and music and Sesame St.

All of my children have adored you for many years and now my youngest who is three has become a huge Bob and Kathryn fan. She listens constantly.

Big Fans from Kansas City, MO.

Bill and Johnna Buntin

John Scott said...

Can you tell me who owns the copyright to "Keep Christmas With You".

Scott Herrington

John Scott said...

Can you tell me who owns the copyright to "Keep Christmas With You".

Scott Herrington

u l a n said...

Hello, Bob! I'm delighted to find out that you have a blog! Enjoy the parades. And happy 40th anniversary to you and everyone in Sesame Street!


u l a n said...

Oh, I did not notice that the post was dated last year! =)

danielle said...

Hey Bob,
Happy Anniversary to you and the rest of the gang on Sesame Street.
I have fond memories of you on the show when I was a girl (you were always my favorite), and now my daughter loves you as well!
Sorry we will miss the parade, but we'll see you in Maine!!
All the best,
Top of the Hill Restaurant

HAJennex said...

Hello Bob,
I just wanted to tell you that I grew up watching you on Sesame Street, and how much I appreciate your wonderful impact on my childhood. I carry my fond affection for you and the whole Sesame Street gang in my heart as an adult. You were my husband's hero when he was little (he thought you were the most fabulous singer in "the whole world"),and my daughter, too, has fond childhood memories of watching you on Sesame Street. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done and continue to do. You are truly blessed to have found such a delightful and important vocation as to impact on the childhood experiences of so many!
Heather Ann and family

Meet the Sellers said...

Hello Bob McGrath: I had hoped to share this story with you one day in person but so much time has past and I still have not so here it goes. One Thanksgiving parade about 32 years ago when I was 11 years old you shared one of your "special waves" with me. I was 11, very shy and with much younger kids. I felt odd waving to strangers on floats. Well Bob you waved in my direction for a while and I looked around and you pointed to what seemed to me. I finally waved back shyly, and you noded your head as to say yes I have been waving to you!... After that I waved to every float, smiled and enjoyed being in my own skin. I also have felt it now my responsibility to make other shy children feel special also over the years. I was a little girl from the South Bronx and because you included me in the days festivities you cheered up my life. I took that "special wave" to heart and I hope you know I have shared many a kind word, many a kind smile and given back. It has fulfilled my life and I am today as I was that yesterday just as grateful for your kindness and your sharing. It may have been a small gesture then but it had a great impact on my life and how I feel towards others and I felt it important to share this with you because of that one gesture from you to me I have always been blessed in a special way, a positive way. Mr McGrath thanks for the special wave and all you do for children. God Bless you always.


lisaburgess said...

Hi Bob;
Just curious if you played tennis in H.S. and graduated from Ledyard in the 70's? If so, I did too and your name came up recently with a friend. I saw you on his facebook and was wondering if you were the same bob or not. Please write back on my facebook account, I'd love to catch up with you. Congrats on your success, great job!!!Lisa Burgess

Anonymous said...

hi Bob!

I loved your CD "The Baby record", and I was wondering if there was a similar thing in French? I am trying to get my baby to hear French at home before going to the French school. I've looked around a lot, but nothing comes close to what you put together. Is there any CD you recommend?

Thank you,

mm3509 {at} columbia {dot} edu

Jason said...


I'll be 39 this year...I just wanted to say Thank you for the many years...and the many great memories that you have given me.

kkiernan said...

Dear Bob,

When I was three I lived in Canada and I had a huge crush on you. I remember you singing 'Who are the people' so vividly and although I haven't heard that song for so long it came back to me tonight. I 'you tubed' it and found it and I cannot tell you all the lovely memories that came flooding back. I'm now back home in Ireland and at 40 years of age I wish I was three all over again. We do get Sesame Street here and it's translated in to Gaelic but there is no Bob or Maria. I also just found out that you were named after Robert Emmet so needless to say when I next pass by his statue I shall think of you. Thank you so much for making me the happiest little girl. Best wishes, Karen Kiernan, Co Westmeath

Alan said...

Dear Bob,

At our house, you are legend. My two year old son Leo and four year old daughter Talia go completely nuts every time we play Zip-Zing-Flip-Flop. I'm talking about actual convulsions of delight! Leo can hardly talk, but his most common sentance is "Feeling kinda wacky", which is his way of requesting the song. Thanks so much.
Alan in Yellowknife

Siva & Junjun said...

Dear Mr. Bob,

Writing to you from half way across the globe, from a small little country smack centred in South East Asia called Singapore.

I was surfing the net and bumbed into one my favourite song from Sesame street that you sang, "People in your neighbourhood". A song that I have not heard since i was 10, I am 34 now. This brought back so much of memories, I grew up with Sesame Street. I started singing the song loud to my wife and she burst of laughing, and said, "This is a very good show for our kid". I told her the story of Sesame Street and how I grew up watching it ! I will be a father soon in 7 months, and I found my way back to the street.

Mr. Bob, thanks for the all the great things you have done together with your Sesame Street cast. Like you to know, your work has touch a lot of people all over the world.

Hope your work will be continued on for many years to come !

with bets wishes,
Siva && Ami


Heather B said...

Hey Bob, I had the wonderful experience of meeting and singing with you on stage at the Buffalo Philharmonic the summer of 1990.It was a very memorable event and I would love to have a copy of the video but can't find one to purchase.I'm sure you are busy and having had so many wonderful performances you might not have a copy.However if you do I would be very pleased if you would email me so I may purchase a copy.Thanks so much for your dedication and many years on sesame street.Now I love to watch you with my children!

Krista said...

In 1969 you went to an event in a park in Maplewood, NJ and I asked you to marry me (I was 3) - at least I walked away with a photo & autograph... so good to see you today on the float... I still have your album with "I love Bob" written all over it...

Frank E. Dee said...





Donna Steele said...

Just posted "A Tue Blue Miracle" on my FB profile. It's been years since the kids have been small, but I just had to find that song! Wow...thank-you, Bob and everyone else that was part of that cast.

bmmg39 said...

Congratulations and good luck with the blog, Bob. I've been a fan of the show since the Biff-and-Sully era. Hope that doesn't make you feel old -- though I marvel at those of you who've acted on the STREET all these years, because it seems like you've hardly aged. Perhaps you've found the true Fountain of Youth.

Much love,
Brian from PA

MVP said...

I just read the online version of the Ottawa Times article about you. I met you some 25-30 years ago when you did a show in Ottawa. I'm from Sheridan and taught music for 10 years, including 6 years at Serena. I've been a huge fan of yours since your Mitch Miller days and we've enjoyed your music for all those years. My son grew up on Sesame Street and always knew that Bob was from Grand Ridge. Keep singing, but enjoy your family in semi-retirement.
Larry Sebby

Pair O' Dimes said...

Hello, Bob!

Glad to see you're still doing what you do best! ^_^

I've always loved your songs on Sesame Street, and I still have my vinyl record from childhood which has your song "A Face". That combination of tune and lyric is just...GOLD. It never failed to make ME feel good inside, I'll tell you that! I still listen to it sometimes!

Anyway, I wish you the Merriest of Christmases, and God bless you for sharing your wonderful gifts with everyone!

Colleen said...

Happy New Year! It was great seeing you on the Macy's parade float at Thanksgiving- I can't believe it's been 40 Years!
I grew up watching you; you were my favorite. When I was about 5 I received a doll and named her Bob. She went everywhere with me.
Now, 30 plus years later, we have a 19 month old daughter whom Bob has been passed down to. When she saw you on the float and we said your name, she associated your name and her doll together. It gives me unbelievable happiness watching her grow and learn from the same people I did.
Thank you for all you do, bringing education and happiness into people's lives and helping make new memories with the newest generation to Sesame Street.

Colleen, Doug and Paige

Andrew Bernhardt said...

Hi Bob!

I don't have any children, but I do remember watching you and the others on Sesame Street back in it's earliest days. Much fond memories those songs give!

Anyway, I'm wondering about getting permission to quote part of the Put Down The Duckie song in a book. How would I go about doing so?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob ! ,
Greetings from a member of the first generation of children who spent an hour a day watching you on Sesame Street . It was purely magical the way you made me feel like you were actually talking to me personally and laughing so hard I couldn't catch my breath , all the while learning not only my ABC's and 123's , but good manners and social acceptance. These lessons, many of which are linked to you directly , have served me well thru the years , and for that I thank you .

In my 20's and 30's , I got to relive all the magic when I sat with my own children to once again visit Sesame Street . Words can not begin to express my joy when I saw that Bob was still there , now talking to my kids just like you did with me. Watching my children grow up with the same values that you helped instill in all of us watching in the early 70's has meant a lot to me.

Now in my mid 40's , I await the arrival of grandchildren in the near future , and I catch myself wondering if the same opportunity to visit Sesame Street will be afforded to them. I can only hope that not only Sesame Street will still be there , but especially YOU Bob . I can honestly say that it wouldn't have been the same street without you Mr. McGrath .

For all that you have done for those you never met,
I thank you

David Schneider born 1968

revdj said...

Hi, Bob! I'm enjoying your website. I wrote an essay about meeting Loretta Long in 1971 and thought you would get a kick out of it . Thank you so much for all the years of education and pleasure you've given me and my friends and family.

Lizzy E said...

Please visit and/or
Lizzy E is a fictional character created by me, Ensley Graves!! I am a young and vibrant speech language pathologist who absolutely enjoys serving children. I recently embarked on my "niche" when playing with "my" kiddos during a therapy session. Singing nursery rhymes in full character!! :) All of this occurred by accident when desperately searching for interesting ways to engage "my" kiddos in therapy. Initially, when meeting a "client" (aka "my kiddos"), my new kiddo would literally just stare as I tried EVERYTHING to get him/her to do something as little as to verbally imitate "vroom" as I floated through the air with a very cool airplane. In most cases, all I would end up with, was a screaming child who could no longer tolerate my tactics. Therefore, leaving me frustrated and discouraged. However, that all changed one day as I led a story time with a group of 3-4 year olds. During story time in the past, I usually spent this time begging them to sit down and pay attention. However, on the day story time changed, I decided to do something I had never done before. I would not only read the book!! I would become the book!! Therefore, before I knew it, I was giving voices and personalities to the characters in the books. Leaving my kids in deep gazes as if they had joined me in the world of these make believe characters!! It was awesome!! I finally had their attention and I finally had a sense of confidence in my craft!! This wonderful life changing experience sparked the creation of Lizzy. Lizzy is a wonderfully crafted young girl who loves to share what she "learns" during her everyday experiences through story and music!! So listen, read, and sing-a-long as we enjoy the life and times of Lizzy E.